surf instructors

More than a school we are a passionate family for surfing and sharing what the ocean give us every day.
Juan Ramos

"Surf is the way I connect my soul with my body"

  • 25 years surfing

  • Certificated lifeguard at Huntington Beach

  • National competitor

  • 12 years as surf      instructor

Carlos Ramos

"Surf relaxes my soul and connects me with nature"

  • 20 years surfing

  • Professional lifeguard

  • National competitor since 14 years old

  • International competitor

  • 2 years surf national champion

  • 10 years as surf instructor

Alvaro Telles

"Surf frees my mind and connects me with the ocean"

  • 7 years surfing

  • Professional lifeguard

  • 2 years as surf instructor

Jorge Núñez

"Surf connects me with nature and universe's energy "

  • 4 years surfing

  • Lifeguard training

  • 1 year as surf instructor

Lifeguard and CPR training with Huntington Beach, California instructors
All of our instructors are professional surfers and lifeguards, trained to teach you and assist you in the water.

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